It's that time of year! On October 12, we're hosting our annual Sour Fest at the firehouse!

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Engine House No. 9 is partnering with over a dozen fantastic breweries to bring you nearly 20 sour ales, from fruited lambics to barrel-aged goses. There are so many unique quality beers to try at the firehouse, but they’re available for one day only. 

What’s so special about sour ales, you ask? The term “sour” doesn’t necessarily refer to the flavor of the beer; rather, it reflects the brewing process. Like sourdough bread or kombucha, sour ales are brewed with wild bacteria and yeast, which leads to an array of flavors and aromas not found in traditional ales or lagers. 

Sour Fest guest breweries are truly exceptional at what they do. This year’s selection of sour beers are all one-of-a-kind, with complex flavor profiles that you’ll love.

Check out the list of fantastic beers that we’ll have on tap at the firehouse - and let us know which ones you’re excited to try!

Backup Kegs

Holy Mountain – Demonteller Saison

Propolis – Cuvee 2018 barrel aged Saison

Rodenbach 2015

Rodenbach Bier Bier Limited Edition Vintage

pFriem – Oude Kriek Lambik Cherry

Browerij Strubble – Ichtegems Grand Cru Flanders Red